Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Who am I anyway?

Flaws. I have them. And so do you. Probably. So what are my flaws? To understand that, I need to look at my objectives and goals and how badly I'm failing. (not too badly, I'd like to think)

I was never a good student. I'm still pretty bad. Actually, I would say I'm the worst student at my university. Not the worst chemist though - I'm quite good at it in fact, and my peers and other students seem to agree with me. But a terrible terrible student.

So why is that? Who do I blame, how do I sleep at night?

The education system.

"Well, that's a bit arrogant." you may think. Who am I to say that the education system is at fault for my bad academic success? How dare I say something like that? All those professors are wrong?


Argumentum ab auctoritate.

Fuck them. They know jack shit about education.

You see, you can be a great scientist - doing your science in a lab, contributing to the world and all that but that doesn't mean you're a great teacher. It certainly doesn't mean that the way the system is structured is good for doing what it was supposed to do - distribute knowledge; educate.

And then there's the problem of different people learning differently. Not to mention the IQ of the individual person and the Gaussian distribution and all that jazz.

For crap's sake people this is basic stuff: division of labor! I shouldn't be required to explain this. And you know what, I wont. I'll just leave a wikipedia link - do your own research:

Division of labour

Let the educators educate, and the scientists scinetisticate. wait, what?

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