Saturday, February 14, 2015

Am I a fucking emo?

I was reading my other posts (from roughly 4 months ago) and good god do I appear like a fucking emo of some sort. But then again, practically no one reads what I write anyway. (and, no, I'm not complaining - it's just a fact)

 Also, I've learned something new about myself. I adore nipples. More precicely, female nipples - not quite sure about male ones... Though, I'm not aware of any design differences between the two.
Either way, they're quite nice to feel. Kind of hard and soft at the same time. Quite amazing. I really need to buy some whipped cream to enhance the experience. (mmm, cream... there's another thing I enjoy. Maybe with a bit of chocolate ice cream and a that small tube thing they stick in it. Though that'd make the woman all sticky - would take hours to lick it all off of her.) 

But back to my self-conscious worries about being an emo.

However, when I analyse what I wrote and compare it to the idea that was im my head at the time, I arrive at the conclusion that I'm not in fact an emo at all - I only appear emo, since I'm trying to hide my true emotional state behind a dumb story or some sort of pseudo-wisdom. I only appear an emo, since I can't really hide how I feel; even in text form! It permeates what I write, how I write as well as what I say and how I say it.

So in the interest of not looking pathetic, I'll take the effort of writing how I truly feel. That should eliminate that roundaboutness (is that a word?) that makes my posts seem emo.

Yes. Being more direct is what I need. I mean, having your heart being made into minced meat feels... exactly how you might imagine. But I'm an engineer. And, as an engineer, I know, deep down in my soul (soul = emergent property of a neural net of 100 billion neurons) that there's nothing in this universe that can't be fixed with enough duct tape and WD-40.