Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Adventure time!

What comes to mind when you hear the word "adventure"?

Yes. Whips. You have to be pretty adventurous to enjoy those.

And it just so happens that today I had an adventure. And no, it didn't involve a whip, you sick bastard.

So I was with a friend in this café overlooking the city, drinking orange juice and enjoying the sight of the occasional woman that passed by, when a strange building caught our attention.

At first we discussed whether it was an orthodox church or a synagogue. Then the idea of an Islamic building came to our minds, but the building was so strange we couldn't figure it out without closer inspection.

So we got down, and went in the general direction of the building. Approaching it proved surprisingly difficult, for it was shielded by other buildings from all sides. As if someone didn't want it easily accessible.

Finally, after circling the location for a few minutes we managed to find a back entrance. (or at least I think that was a back entrance)

The back alley looked like the place where Batman's parents got killed. It was very gloomy. I dared to pull the door handle, but it was broken and the door was probably barred from the inside.

Then suddenly, a bearded old man appeared. He was in a nearby house that I haven't noticed, and spoke from a window with iron bars.

"What is this building, old man?" I asked.

"Eh? That old thing? Back in the communist era it was called Public institution Worker's university Đuro Đaković. Now, in the capitalist era it's called the Bosnian Culture Center."

"B.C.C.! B.C.C.!!!" Yelled a woman from inside the house.

Public institution Worker's university. You gotta love those communist names.

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