Sunday, August 17, 2014


Another hour gained tonight
Another hour gained to write
Time within which to contemplate
Why does this clock my life arbitrate?

Are we unique snowflakes? Well, yes. But we're also physical beings, governed by physical laws.

If we could observe and replicate all that happens in a human being, and specifically in its brain, we could, theoretically, replicate it. The creativity, the emotions, the passions. Everything.

Some time in the future, we'll be able to make synthetic life forms ("what is alive" arguments aside) that will surpass us in every conceivable way. They will be stronger than us, smarter than us, more creative than we could ever be. They could possibly be more compassionate than we ever were. They could even love more deeply than us.

Are we just a stepping stone in an evolution that we can't really comprehend? An evolution that goes beyond genes as units of selection?

Could it be that we are too smart for our own good? Just like life was created from simple chemicals (probably, I think), could we be the "chemicals" for a new breed of life? Something we cannot even begin to imagine.

Remember, we evolved from simple life forms. Very simple in fact. (the biochemist in me is shaking his head)

And our brains are a product of natural selection - more likely a side-product. When we reach that point, when we create an AI that can improve itself, we will have opened a box, and from it will come things which we won't be able to predict, or control.

It may destroy us,
it may show compassion to its flawed creators.
It may ignore us,
as we ignore an anthill.

For once, I'm not sure I want us to succeed.

Slaves to our own intellect, doomed to destroy ourselves.

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